NeoStir Uno - Motorless Magnetic Stirrer (Ultra slim)

Cat# NB-12-4007

Size : 1unit

Brand : Neo Biotech


Magnetic Stirrer - NeoStir

The motorless magnetic stirrers are a truly maintenance free ultra flat stirring device for various laboratory applications. They sport super alloy magnetics to achieve slim aspect ratio and comes with corrosion resistant Stainless steel top surface. They set up place diameter of 100 mm, can take stirrer bars upto 25 mm length and comes with a built-in software function for gradual acceleration. These stirrers use Micro controller with programming last run memory feature & pulse mode operation.

  • No moving parts truly maintenance free
  • Compact Design with slim profile (less than 13.4 mm)
  • Digital display with real time and speed
  • Adjustable Speed from 15 to 1500 RPM ( Uno) & 15 to 1200 RPM (Quattro)
  • Pulse mode reserves the direction every 30 secs for proper mixing
  • Microprocessor controlled with last run memory feature
  • Universal power supply small wall mount adap
  • No moving parts truly maintenance free
  • Corrosion resistant SS top surface to fight harsh chemicals tor
  • IP 65 complaint design (Water spill resistant)
  • Stirring cap. 800 ml for Uno & 400ml for Quattro
  • Supplied with 1 (one) high strength stir bar



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