NG Class

NG Class

Conventional detergents like DDM, DM, and OG have been indispensable for labs studying membrane proteins for over 20 years. Now we offer an alternative that could improve protein structural stability and increase the likelihood of crystallization. The NG class detergents are modeled after the most popular alkyl glycoside detergents. Architecturally, the difference lies where the carbon attaches to the ether linkage. The design converts the carbon from a standard, secondary bonding configuration to a quaternary configuration with two sugar head groups and two alkyl chains bonded to it.

This distinctive design gives the Anatrace NG detergents unique benefits and characteristics compared to conventional derivatives like DDM, DM, and OG: 
  • Lower CMC values
  • Increased protein stability after dilution below CMV values
  • Stabilization of the first ligand bound GPCR leading to its structure

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