SARS-CoV-2 - Tetramer kits for research and development

SARS-CoV-2 - Tetramer kits for research and development

QuickSwitch Custom Tetramer Kits Rapid, high-quality creation of custom class I tetramers is now a reality !

Create new specificity tetramers in just a few hours with QuickSwitchTM, a proprietary technology for exchanging peptides on an MHC tetramer.
The QuickSwitchTM Quant Tetramer Kit can quantify the exchange with the new peptide for epitope discovery and for verification that the resulting new specificity tetramer is suitable for cell staining. This kit is optimized for 10 peptides exchanges and multiple tests per resulting tetramer.
Peptide exchange, quantification, cell staining, and flow cytometry analysis can all be performed in one day !

Features :
  • Create custom tetramers in 4 hours
  • Quantify peptide exchange
  • No UV or tetramerization required
  • Select ready-to-use tetramer in PE, APC or BV421
  • Identify antigen-specific T Cells to your targets of interest

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