Washing stations for bead-based assays

Washing stations for bead-based assays

For bead-based assays
Miniaturization with the DA-Bead plates reduces sample volume and bead consumption by 5X and decreases assay costs by >60%
DA-Bead Plate and Washer for Improved bead-based immunoassays
Wall-less plate technology for miniaturizing bead-based immunoassays enabling small sample volumes (2-5 ul), better reproducibility, elimination of bead clumping, and reduction of reagents and antibodies

Washing Stations accept DropArray DA-Bead and DA-Cell plates into a liquid-tight chamber formed with a clamping mechanism. After an aqueous washing buffer is automatically added, the station gently shakes the microplate to facilitate washing with minimal loss of cells. The station then tilts the microplate, using gravity to drain excess washing buffer from the planar surface, avoiding the harsh, high-velocity liquid exchange associated with traditional washers and microplates. Buffer is added at a very low velocity, preventing cell and bead loss. In addition, there is a magnet array embedded in the plate holder for bead-based assays. This helps retain magnetic beads on the microplate upon washing. Despite the low velocity, plate processing time is comparable to traditional washers because the entire plate is treated at once. After the microplate is removed from the station the plate is ready for accepting the next set of reagents.

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