2 X GeBaGels, 8-16%, 10 wells

Minimum order 2

Cat# 10G-0816-2

Size : 2/pack

Brand : Gene Bio-Application


  • Ideal for protein (native/denatured).
  • No assembly, buffer leakage or cross contamination.
  • No need for adapters or special loading tips.
  • Sharper bands and totally smile free separation provide clearer more accurate results.
  • 12 month shelf life guaranteed.
  • Neutral pH and SDS Free.


Gel Concentrations

  • 10%
  • 12%
  • 4-12%
  • 4-20%
  • 8-16%

Well Configurations

  • 1+1 (700 µl/well)
  • 1+2 (200 µl/well)
  • ​10 (40 µl/well)
  • ​15 (25 µl/well)

Ease of Use

Horizontal operation eliminates the nuisance and time consumption of assembly and buffer spills from the top to bottom buffer chamber.

GeBA Runner minimizes heat generated inside the gel while ensuring its equal distribution.

To increase the security of the system, the GeBA Runner includes a built in proximity sensor, located in the protective safety cover, which shuts down power to the unit if the cover is removed.

No adapters are required for use and most power supply units can power multiple GeBA Runners simultaneously (overall current supplied must be limited to 160V).

60 minute run time.

Significant savings of running buffer
(the system uses a total of 180 ml).

​Standard membrane transfer buffer.

Reinforced sample wells eliminate damage when removing comb and loading samples.

Robust sample well dividers won’t deform or fall over.

Elimination of cross contamination of sample wells.

Effortless cassette opening.

Foolproof well access.


High Quality Separation Analysis

Analysis of Proteins (under both native and denatured electrophoresis conditions), with the same standard GeBA Gel and Tris-Glycine running buffer.

Dependable, Sharp Bands and Smile Free Separation for outstanding clarity and results across all analyses

Separation Range

Separation Range

GeBaRunner Dimensions: 165 X 147 X 45 mm (L x W x H)

Maximum Voltage: 200 V DC

Operating Temperature: 2°C – 40°C

Maximum Power: 20 W

Maximum Current: 100 mA

Degree of Protection: IPX5

​GeBaGel Cassette Dimensions: 117 X 84 X 16 mm (L x W x H)

Gel Size: 80 X 74 mm (L x W)

Gel Thickness: 1.4 mm

Gel ​Buffer System: Tris-Hcl

Additional Information

Storage Conditions

GeBA Gels are shipped at ambient temparature must be stored in a dry place at 4°C. Under these conditions, GeBA Gel can be stored for up to 12 months from the production date without any deterioration in performance and quality. Do not Freeze GeBA Gels.

Product Use Limitations

GeBA Gel and the GeBA Runner have been developed, designed and sold for in-vitro research purposes only, namely performance of PAGE. It is not to be used for human diagnostic purposes or clinical procedures. Gloves must be worn at all times when handling GeBA Gel; exercise all due care and attention in the handling of materials described in this text.

Quality Control

The performance of GeBAflex-tube kit is regularly monitored. GeBAflex-tube kit is tested by using it for extraction of Proteins, DNA and RNA fragments of various sizes from either agarose or polyacrylamide gel. GeBAflex-tube kit is tested also for simple dialysis of salts or buffer exchange. The quality of the isolated Protein, DNA and RNA fragments or of the sample after dialysis is checked by several assays commonly used for proteins, nucleic acids and dialysis. Determining the recovery from a specific amount of loaded sample tests the quality and efficiency of the GeBAflex-tube membrane.

Ordering Information

GeBaGel, 10 wells

GeBaGel, 15 wells