Alvetex Scaffold 24 well plate

Cat# AVP006-2

Size : 2plates

Brand : ReproCELL

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Alvetex® Scaffold 24 Well Plate

AVP006-2 / AVP006-10 / AVP006-80

Brand: Alvetex

The Alvetex Scaffold 24 Well Plate is primarily suitable for short term culture experiments where the medium is replaced every 1-2 days. Comprised of a single loose disc and clip per well in a 24 well plate.



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Product Information

  • Alvetex is a highly porous polystyrene scaffold designed for 3D cell culture
    Cells grown in Alvetex possess a natural tissue-like structure that enables them to function in a more physiologically relevant manner. Alvetex 3D cell culture enables cells maintain their in vivo morphology, behavior and responsiveness within an in vitro model system.
  • Alvetex is a unique cellular environment
    Manufactured to the highest standards of consistency each disc is engineered to a thickness of just 200 µm with pore sizes of 36-40 µm (Alvetex Scaffold). No cell is ever further than 100 µm from the nutrient source enabling easily exchange of nutrients, gases and waste products by passive diffusion across short distances.
  • Maintain natural cell shape and morphology
    In conventional 2D cell culture, cells come into contact with the flat surface of the culture vessel (e.g. Petri dish, flask or multi-well plate). In this unnatural environment cells become flattened against the substrate. In this abnormally thin structure there has been significant re-modelling of the internal cellular components. The entire cytoskeleton is remodeled and organelles such as the nucleus are flattened.

  • Alvetex has been designed for simple and routine use
    It uses conventional cell culture plasticware. Therefore any cell biologist can get into Alvetex 3D cell culture.

    • No specialist equipment is required
    • No changes to media and optimized cell feeding protocols
    • Compatible with the majority of down stream analytical techniques.

Say goodbye to risks of foreign unknown materials such as proteins or cytokines of animal origin — unlike conventional materials used in cell culture Alvetex is made from polystyrene and is completely inert.

Available in varying formats and sizes.


Alvetex® brand name and logo is the property of REPROCELL Inc., Japan.

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