cyclic GMP [125I] Tracer

Cat# IRC-119-1

Size : 1µCi/37kBq

Brand : Izotop

Other I-125 labelled compounds

Our company provides I-125 labelled compounds that are used in various research areas. We offer different pack-sizes, in case you have other request or requirements please, contact us.

Scheduled Products

CodeCompoundPack size (µCi)
 Product specifications
IRC-109Insulin (human)10, 50 
IRC-110C3a (human complement C3a des Arg)10, 50 
IRC-111C4a (human complement C4a des Arg)5, 25 
IRC-112C5a (human complement C5a des Arg)5, 25 
IRC-116hTG (human thyroglobulin)5, 25 
IRC-117hTPO (human thyroid-peroxidase)10, 50 
IRC-120Testosterone-7-histamine10, 25 
IRC-121Cortisol-3-CMO-histamine10, 25 
IRC-122Progesterone-11alpha-hemisuccinyl-histamine10, 25 
IRC-143DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)-3-hemisuccinyl-histamine10, 25 
IRC-123Corticosterone-3-CMO-histamine10, 25 
IRC-125Thyroxine50, 250 
IRC-126Triiodothyronine50, 250 
IRC-140Streptavidin50, 100 

Products on Request

CodeCompoundPack size (µCi)IFU
IRC-106αANP (α-atrial natriuretic peptide)5, 10 
IRC-113hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin)10 
IRC-118cAMP (cyclic AMP)1, 5, 50 
IRC-119cGMP (cyclic GMP)1, 5 
IRC-124Estriol10, 25 
IRC-145Erythropoietin2, 10 
IRC-146Calcitonin gene related peptide (CGRP)10, 50 
IRC-156IgG, mouse50, 100 
IRC-157IgG, rat50, 100 
IRC-158IgG, rabbit50, 100 
IRC-159IgG, human50, 100 
IRC-160Protein A10, 50 
IRC-161Alpha-bungarotoxin50, 100, 250 
IRC-168Epidermal growth factor (EGF)5/ 25/ 50 
IRC-169Alpha-dendrotoxin5, 10 
IRC-175AB-MECA10, 50 

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