NeoSpin 10KD - Centrifugal Filters (Max sample volume 15 ml)

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Cat# NB-57-0002-1

Size : 8pcs

Brand : Neo Biotech





  • NeoSpin centrifugal filters from Neo Biotech:
  • Efficient and rapid sample preparation
  • Polypropylene housing with a polyethersulfone (PES) membrane
  • High flow rates and high protein retention
  • Heat-sealed membrane eliminates adhesives and is downstream extractable
  • Compatible with pH 1 to 9
  • Enables maximum protein recovery without introducing pipetting errors
  • Low binding membrane and polypropylene housing for >90% sample recovery




  • Protein Concentration, Nucleic Acid Concentration, Buffer Exchange, Dialysis, Desalting


  • All materials are confirming to USP Class VI . In total, five molecular weight cut-off
  • (MWCO) options are available, meeting the needs of filtering molecules in different sizes.
  • The filter is structurally designed with a high-performance vertical single- (0.5 mL)/double-sided (5 mL & 15 mL) PES filtration membrane, featuring a larger effective filtration area and a higher flow rate.
  • The 5 mL and 15 mL tubes are provided with supports, improving the stability of the structure, supporting a higher centrifugal speed, and reducing the filtration time.
  • The protein recovery is increased to over 80%.
  • There is a printed scale and a white area for writing on the tube, facilitating the identification and marking.
  • DNase-free, RNase-free, non-pyrogenic

*The products are strictly controlled in accordance with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards, and undergo strict leak-proof and chemical compatibility tests to ensure quality.

Dead stop

  • Avoid spinning to dryness: The process does not require complete drying through spinning.
  • Predictable concentration factor: Provides a reliable and predictable concentration factor.
  • No need for calibration: No calibration is necessary when running multiple samples in parallel.
  • Vertical membranes: The membranes are aligned with the filtrate instead of being perpendicular, leading to fewer clogs, reduced waste, and faster filtration.
  • Single-step concentration: Capable of achieving 25- to 80-fold concentration in a single step.


  • Spin precious samples confidently: The unit allows for spinning precious samples with confidence.
  • Robust and sleek design: The unit is designed to be sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Leakage prevention: The unit is designed to prevent leakage, ensuring the integrity of the samples.
  • Neutrally charged ultrafiltration membrane: The membrane has a neutral charge, resulting in low binding properties that enhance flux (filtration rate) and sample recovery.
  • Excellent chemical resistance: The membrane exhibits high resistance to chemical substances, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of samples and solvents.
  • Very low extractable: The membrane has minimal leaching of substances, ensuring that the filtered samples are not contaminated with unwanted compounds.


Temperature range: -20°C to +50°C



  • No

Processing of protein solutions containing biomolecules (albumin, mAbs, lgG, lgM, hormones, growth factors, etc.)

• Acetic Acid (>25%)

• Acetonitrile (>30%)

• Aliphatic & aromatic esters

• Amines

• Ammonium hydroxide (>5%)

• Aromatic & chlorinated hydrocarbons

• Butyl acetate (>40%)

• Dimethyl acetamide (DMAC) (>30%)

• Ethers • Hydrochloric acid (>0.5 Nat 50°C)

• Isopropyl Alcohol (> 25%)

• Ketone • Methylene chloride (>1%)

• Methyl ethyl ketone (>1%)

• Phosphoric acid (>1 N)

• Sodium deoxycholate (>5%)

• Sodium hydroxide (>0.5N at 50°C)

• Sodium hypochlorite (>0.04%)

• Tetrahydrofuran (>5%)

• Toluene (>1%)


List of Products

Cat# Description Cond.
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NB-57-0007 NeoSpin 10KD - Centrifugal Filters (Max sample volume 5 ml) 
NB-57-0008 NeoSpin 30KD - Centrifugal Filters (Max sample volume 5 ml)
NB-57-0009 NeoSpin 50KD - Centrifugal Filters (Max sample volume 5 ml)
NB-57-0010 NeoSpin 100KD - Centrifugal Filters (Max sample volume 5 ml)
NB-57-0001-1 NeoSpin 5KD - Centrifugal Filters (Max sample volume 15 ml) 8 pcs
NB-57-0001-2 24 pcs
NB-57-0002-1 NeoSpin 10KD - Centrifugal Filters (Max sample volume 15 ml) 8 pcs
NB-57-0002-2 24 pcs
NB-57-0003-1 NeoSpin 30KD - Centrifugal Filters (Max sample volume 15 ml) 8 pcs
NB-57-0003-2 24 pcs
NB-57-0004-1 NeoSpin 50KD - Centrifugal Filters (Max sample volume 15 ml) 8 pcs
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NB-57-0005-2 24pcs 




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