Quick Coomassie Stain

Cat# NB-45-00078-1L

Size : 1L

Brand : Neo Biotech

Datasheet SDS


Quick Coomassie Stain

Quick Coomassie Stain

Why choose between efficiency and speed for protein staining ?

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Features :


  • Rapid staining - Protein bands appear after few minutes - Fully visualisation of the staining after 1 hour
  • Highly sensitive - 20 ng protein resolution
  • Accurate protein quantification - Low background - Linear staining range
  • Re-useable - Up to 3 times
  • Storage - up to 6 months at RT or up to 1 year at 4ºC



Simple 1-step Protocol:

  • Remove the gel from the cassette and place gel into container.
  • Cover gel with 25 ml QC stain and leave for minimum 15 minutes or until all weak protein bands arefully developed.
  • Store the gel in the QC stain overnight. Then, either leave in QC stain or transfer to DI water for gel storage.

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