Cat# 113 500

Size : 500ml

Brand : CANDOR Bioscience

BSA-free blocker for saturating free binding sites on plastic surfaces or other protein binding surfaces

SmartBlock™ is a modern blocker based on peptides. To further improve the blocking efficiency, peptides were chemically modified in a specific process. The result is a peptide solution with very good blocking characteristics. At the same time SmartBlock™ has a very good lot-to-lot consistency, up until now obtained only by synthetic blockers.

SmartBlock™ sets standards in the development of economically d assays with good reliability e.g. for diagnostics, pharmaceutical research, pharmaceutical or biotechnological process control, food diagnostics, environmental diagnostics or research.

By incubating with SmartBlock™, free spaces on the surface (of e.g. microtiter plate or western blotting membrane) are saturated by the components of SmartBlock™. Thus it prevents unwanted binding of the analyte or the detection antibody to the surface. As a result background can be avoided.
For many assays SmartBlock™ is an economical and useful alternative to BSA containing solutions.

Problems caused by BSA included in the blocker such as BSA-interactions and cross reactivities can be eliminated by using SmartBlock™.

For general laboratory use

Benefits of SmartBlock™

The blocking efficiency depends on different aspects. The better the efficiency of the blocker, the more reliable are the results of the assays (even with different specimens). It is important to have a complete saturation of the surface with a dense and gap-free layer. Any interaction of molecules of the blocking layer with the sample matrix should also be prevented. A good blocker can even fill small gaps and should be designed to minimize interactions.
SmartBlock™ is a candidate of a new class of blockers developed by CANDOR Bioscience. These blockers have chemical modifications which help to minimize interactions between the blocking layer and the sample matrix.
SmartBlock™ is based on peptides which were chemically modified. The molecules of these blockers can fill small gaps on the blocked surface e.g. between close-fitting coated capture antibodies. This enables a sufficient blocking for many assays.
SmartBlock™ is an economical modern blocker with a high blocking efficiency.
The lot-to-lot consistency is very good. Thus SmartBlock™ is used even in the industrial production of immunodiagnostics.

To obtain an even better blocking effectivity compared to SmartBlock™, we recommend using The Blocking Solution. The Blocking Solution combines the advantages of blockers based on proteins with the good characteristics of modern chemically modified blockers. When reliability and very low coefficients of variation are important for your assay the use of The Blocking Solution is recommended.

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