2023 Calendar game results

2023 Calendar game results

 Discover the answers of our 2023 calendar game enlightened

You received our 2023 calendar with your orders.


Our calendar contains 12 images, you had to find out where these images are on our site to win a gift. All the images can be found in our catalog.


The first 20 correct answers will receive a special gift, but don't worry all correct answers will be rewarded.


 enlightenedHere are the correct answers you had to give to win: enlightened


  • January:  3 D cell culture
  • February: Antibodies
  • March: News for size exclusion Chromatography: PreoteoSEC Columns
  • April: Disinfectants
  • May: Antibiotics
  • June: Detection & Staining
  • July:  High quality media and vessels for plant culture
  • August:  Molecular Biology
  • September: Molecular Biology
  • October: Protease assay kits
  • November: Media
  • December: Molecular Cytogenetics