Microspheres, Beads and Particles

Microspheres, Beads and Particles

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The Source for organic, inorganic, biodegradable, magnetic, fluorescent, dyed and specific antibody and general protein coated particles in diameters spanning the range of 40nm to 10mm.

microspheres Polymer Microspheres
. Polystyrene “latex” microspheres are used as solid supports in clinical diagnostic applications, such as Turbidimetric and Nephelometric assays. Also used in research and as instrument standards.
. Plain Polystyrene, COOH, NH2, various Protein or Antibody surfaces.
. Large standard size range from 25nm–90µm.
. NIST traceable certified size standards for instrument calibration Narrow size distributions, very uniform.

microspheres Fluorescent Microspheres
Dyed Microspheres
. Dyed microspheres are used in lateral flow tests and latex agglutination tests. Suitable for visual and microscopic identification.
. Fluorescent microspheres are used in many diagnostics and imaging applications.
. Intense colours and fluorophores covering the whole spectrum.
. Plain Polystyrene, COOH, NH2, various Protein or Antibody surfaces.
. Typical size range from 50nm-10µm, our top selling fluorescent Yellow Green from 50nm-90µm.

microspheres Silica Microspheres
. Silica offers alternative physical properties to polymer
    - hydrophilic surface
    - low autofluorescence
    - low non-specific binding of many proteins
    - ease of handling
    - lower RI, higher density
. Available with plain, COOH, NH2 or Streptavidin surfaces
. Size range 150nm-8µm.

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