PCR Clean-Up Reagent

PCR Clean-Up Reagent

EnzSAP PCR Cleanup reagent is a proprietary formulation of 2 hydrolytic enzymes 

Simple 15-minute protocol with minimal hands-on time
  • Add directly to PCR product
  • Degrades excess primers and completely inactivates dNTPs
Ideal for sequential enzymatic reactions
No need to change reaction buffer

Developed for use with robotic pipettors
Automatable solution for high volume labs

100%sample recovery
No loss of valuable samples

EnzSAP PCR Clean-up Reagent is a proprietary formulation of two hydrolytic enzymes:

  • Recombinant Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase
  • Exonuclease I

These two enzymes ensure complete inactivation of residual PCR reaction components through dephosphorylation of dNTPs and degradation of primers.
PCR amplicons are immediately ready for sequential enzymatic reactions like NGS library preparation and Sanger DNA sequencing without any need for further processing.


EnzSAP can be added directly to the PCR amplicons using a simple 15-minute protocol:
  • Transfer 5 μL of a finished PCR reaction to a new micro tube.
  • Add 2 μL of EnzSAP
  • Incubate at 37°C for 5 minutes
  • Heat inactivate at 80°C for 10 minutes
EnzSAP eliminates the need for tedious gel, column, or magnetic bead purifications with no loss of precious samples since all steps take place in a single tube, and double-stranded PCR amplicons are left completely intact, irrespective of its size.

EnzSAP is ideal for use with robotic pipettors and can be added directly to PCR reactions in 96- or 384-well plates.

EnzSAP provides a complete purification workflow for Sanger DNA sequencing when used in combination with our Optima DTR BigDye® Terminator Removal products.

Description Product code Size
EnzSAP PCR cleanup reagent EnzSAP-20 20 rxn
EnzSAP-500 500 rxn