Christmas and New Year Special 25% OFF on Cellcover!

Christmas and New Year Special 25% OFF on Cellcover!

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CellCover - For RNA, DNA, and Proteins



CellCover was developed for fast one-step stabilizing of biomolecules in life science research. CellCover is a non-toxic formulation for protecting the status of expression in human and animal cells, solid tissues, including tumors, and cultured cells (adherent, suspension, spheroids). DNA, RNA, and proteins are all protected.




CellCover stabilizes cells in suspension, biopsies, or tissue. CellCover is compatible with morphological analyses and staining procedures, with immunocytochemistry and flow cytometry.

Double Analyses

CellCover-treated cells maintain morphology for extended periods, preserving epitopes for delayed staining. Immunolabeling allows RNA isolation from protein-stained cells, ensuring high-quality RNA.


CellCover liquid freeze effect allows visualization of formalin-sensitive epitopes like Vimentin, enabling new insights into cell structure and architecture.