Polystyrene plates for 3D culture - Alvetex Scaffold

Polystyrene plates for 3D culture - Alvetex Scaffold

We offer a range of inserts and plates for 3D cell culture based on porous polystyrene culture media.

This range includes two types of media in the form of a 200 μm thick membrane. The difference between these 2 supports is based on their structure and their architecture:

  • Alvetex Scaffold designed for 3D culture of mammalian cells and whose pores measure approximately 42μm
  • Alvetex Strata, a second-generation product designed for culturing cells and tissues with pore sizes of approximately 15μm

The supports are sold in the form of plates or inserts.

The cells cultured in the Alvetex supports retain a morphology similar to that encountered in vivo. Alvetex supports allow cells to maintain their environment and interact with each other as they do in vivo.

The support is in the form of a membrane of 200μm thick so that it fits most formats of culture plates.